Just to let you know, Golden Shores and Topock are the same place. It is called Topock because the Post Office name is "Topock" and it would take an act of Congress to change the name to Golden Shores, so both are correct.


Golden Shores (or Topock) is in Western Arizona . It is in Mohave County. The town is located near the Colorado River and Interstate 40, halfway between Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City/Laughlin, Nevada on County Highway 277. 


Topock is an attractive town to retirees, businesses and families. The terrific outdoor activities located nearby and the great climate make it the perfect place to visit. It is believed that the name Topock came from the Mohave Indian word for “water crossing” or “bridge.” Topock sits at an elevation of 505 feet. The warm desert climate has a winter low temperature of 40 degrees and summer high temperature of 105 degrees. Those living in Topock are always happy to give visitors some western hospitality. 


Community Features:
There are numerous outdoor activities that will make your visit to the area complete. A Children’s Park, Lake Havasu Wildlife Refuge is located along the west side of the community by the Colorado River. The refuge is home to over 200 different species of birds. Camping and fishing are allowed in specified areas. Historic Route 66 runs through Topock and gives drivers a nostalgic look back in time. The highway stretches from Ash Fork to Topock and is the longest piece of the “Mother Road” still intact today.







Here are some pictures of this beautiful Area!

Golden Shores (Topock)


                12795Oatman/Topock Hwy. (Route 66) P.O. Box 609 Golden Shores/Topock,AZ 86436 

Call-local 928-768-2222 Toll free 888-731-7315 Fax 928-768-2224

One of the many Gold Mines Near here.

This is a view of Golden Shores from the

California side of the Colorado River.


Route 66 between Golden Shores and Historic Oatman

Colorful Vistas




This is Topock Gorge on the Colorado River between Golden Shores and Lake Havasu. It gives the locals and tourists good fishing and fantastic Boating and water sports.